Wednesday, June 07, 2006


A co-worker of mine gave me a subject to write about. Marzipan. Just the one word.

Marzopan is a type of sugar and almond mix that is shaped and sold as treats or cake decorations. There is the urban legend about a lady that makes tiny babies out of Marzipan.

Why are there not more things made out of this confection. It would be like crack for kids. You could form it and paint it in popular shapes. Marzipan power rangers, ninja turtles, pokemon, trollz, or anything else a child desires. Movies could use it as marketing tools. Cars could have all the different vehicles. You could play with them and then eat them.

The best thing is that the ingredients are cheap. They could put four figurines per pack about the size of candy bar and sell it for around a dollar. Money would roll in. This is done already for some cakes and you know every kid wants the piece with the sugary soccer ball/flower/Mickey Mouse face.

I will stop the post here. I have to go form some molds and get some sugar. You will see me this fall at corners in front of schools peddling my wares. The first one will be free. Eventually I plan on having an army of children who can infiltrate the school walls.

Thanks for the topic King Richard!

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melanaise said...

that is hilarious....I need you to email me - you are still a contributing writer on the blog.