Monday, November 16, 2015

The Economic Imposition of Immigration

A lot of people wonder why European Countries and the USA are allowing huge amounts of immigration.  With recent terror attacks this question is on the minds of a lot of people.   The answer is simple; it is economics.  First lets look at natural population growth. 

A loot at fertility rates per country show that most European countries are under 2 and the United States is just above 2.  2 is the rate needed for replacement.  This isn't even the actual birth rate which tends to run lower.  So Europe and the United States have a naturally reducing population due to birth rates.  So does Japan, but I will come back to them later. 

Now look at the way we judge economics in these countries.  In order for the economy to be strong it must always be growing.  More growth depends on more people.  A naturally reducing population is the enemy for any nations economy.  A way to offset this is to increase immigration from other countries.  It adds more consumers to the economy and strengthens it.  The immigrants will also likely have a higher birth rate initially, again spurring growth. 

Then there was Japan.  Japan has huge restrictions on immigration.  They also have a 1.4 fertility rate, well below replacement rate of 2.  Their population is in a tailspin.  Guess what the result has been.  If you said economic recession, you can collect your cookie on the way out.  The recession also affects consumer confidence and makes them not want to have kids due to the economic stresses on their family. 

What is the answer?  If we don't allow immigration we are on a certain road to economic recession.  The amount of immigration needed to increase birth rates can drastically change the cultural identity of the country accepting the immigrants. Belgium is dealing with a large group of immigrants that want to institute Sharia Law. 

Countries like South Korea and Japan actually pay parents a stipend to have children in order to increase the population. It is a pittance and doesn't really have much affect. 

The only other situation is to change how we look at economics.  If we base the rate of growth on the number of consumers instead of as a dollar amount that is compared to last years dollar amount, it would show actual growth and not just the number of consumers.  Maybe a country needs more people, they have wide open lands, low unemployment, and no traffic issues.  Maybe they can filter them in and retain the countries identity while not alienating the cultural identity of the person immigrating.  Maybe, but our current immigration policy and the policies of European countries are not there, and need to be reevaluated. 

You cannot allow people into your country blindly just because you need consumers to grind away in your economic system. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ashli explains offsides in soccer

This is part of Ashli's silver award project.  She has created a youtube channel to help others with sports and fitness.  Please view and share her videos!  

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fund Ashli in Club Soccer

Ashli has worked very hard over the past year. She was in a recreational league that didn't have enough girls for them assigned to teams. It was essentially pick up soccer every Saturday, where whoever showed up would split into two teams and they would play 5 on 5, 7 on 7, or however they were able to break it up. Despite this format, she was able to work hard on her own and improve her skill and knowledge of the game.

Ashli has a love for the game and a desire to share that knowledge and pass it forward. In addition to helping her little sister improve, Ashli has been working on a Youtube Channel to help other kids train. Ashli is also a referee for recreation league soccer for our town working with younger girls.

Club Soccer costs about $2,000 not including tournament fees. We are looking for help deferring some of that cost. Our goal is $1,000, 50% of the initial cost. We will currently also be paying school fees for her to play high school soccer in the fall and for her sister to play travel soccer this year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You can't make a chocolate shake with vanilla ice cream

I like chocolate ice cream.  It would follow that I also like chocolate shakes.  I am not a huge fan of vanilla though.  I would almost never choose vanilla over another flavor, especially chocolate.  Vanilla is only good if you put other things in it, like oreos, but then again an oreo chocolate ice cream sounds much better. 

When I see chocolate shake on the menu board of a local eatery, I now have to question what ingredients they are using.  You see, lately, I have been getting a vanilla shake with just some chocolate syrup blended in.  Um, no!.  How would the vanilla shake lovers of the world like it if I put vanilla extract into a chocolate shake and called it vanilla.  I am sure that they would feel ripped off.  That is how I feel.  Some of these places advertise hand dipped shakes.  Really, hand dipped and you don't have any chocolate back there. 

As far as I know, chocolate ice cream costs the same amount as vanilla.  Chocolate syrup, however, increases the cost to make a "chocolate shake."  The shakes themselves are the same price though, so the extra price gets passed along to all shake drinkers and we are all paying too much because the store refuses to make real chocolate shakes.  We all lose. 

Stand with me.  Ask your local restaurants if they are serving chocolate shakes or chocolate flavored vanilla shakes.  Let them know how you feel about this.  Let the world know. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

God's Not Dead- Movie Review

I went to see this movie with a group from my church. This has been critizised by a lot of people on the internet. I don't get this, I have also seen movies such as the A-Team with groups from a church. My daughter's youth group went to see the lego movie. I have also seen movies as part of a non church organized group. To say that the gross for the weekend is somehow inflated because church groups went to see the movie is just silly. "Thor 2 would have done horribly if those sci-fi/fantasy and comic book folks wouldn't have gone to see it."
On to the review. The movie was well produced and the acting was well done. The story was somewhat contrived, and the writers were very heavy handed. One of my biggest criticisms of the movie is the demonization of atheists. All atheists in this movie are bad people. In real life, you have good people that are atheists as well. In inverse is also true. The Christian characters are all noble to a fault. There was a little bit of inconsistency as well. A muslim man makes his daughter wear a head scarf and cover her face in public but says nothing about her short sleeve shirt. This is likely just an oversight, but a noticable one.

I find myself thinking about who this movie is for. I don't think it was designed to show atheists the error of their ways and I don't think it will do that. I think there was a message in there for church leaders to understand that their congregation and their city are their mission fields and are in as much of a need as more exotic locations. The real message was to believers in general. This was not a conversion movie, this was a stand up for God movie. The movie tells believers that they just can't sit there and go with the flow, unfortunately that isn't a message that a lot of people want to hear. It seems that some of "Christians" just want to demonize others and to be lifted up. While this movie does do some lifting up and a little too much demonizing, that was not the point of the movie.
I think a lot of people will critizice how muslims are depicted in this movie as the father is very violent with a daughter that converts to christianity. I may have been among them until I met a young couple that are missionaries in Pakistan. In Pakistan, your religion is your identity, it is on your ID. I believe the question of what religion you are translates into "Who are you?" It is hard for christians to find employment as they are openly discriminated against in that country. I can imagine the very devout father being upset about this. The film also shows how devestated the father is at what he did.
That leads to my conclusion. This movie, despite its flaws, is able to invoke a strong emotional response. Will most people get the messae in this movie, no. Will this movie reach audiences that it was created for, probably not. Will this movie convert people, again, probably not. This movie, at its core, is not about building you up and making you feel right or justified in your faith. What it is about is making look deep inside yourself and truly consider what you would do if you were asked to write God is dead on a paper in a room full of people who had already done so. I don't think most people are going to like the answer to that question if they answer it honestly. God is not dead!