Friday, June 19, 2015

Fund Ashli in Club Soccer

Ashli has worked very hard over the past year. She was in a recreational league that didn't have enough girls for them assigned to teams. It was essentially pick up soccer every Saturday, where whoever showed up would split into two teams and they would play 5 on 5, 7 on 7, or however they were able to break it up. Despite this format, she was able to work hard on her own and improve her skill and knowledge of the game.

Ashli has a love for the game and a desire to share that knowledge and pass it forward. In addition to helping her little sister improve, Ashli has been working on a Youtube Channel to help other kids train. Ashli is also a referee for recreation league soccer for our town working with younger girls.

Club Soccer costs about $2,000 not including tournament fees. We are looking for help deferring some of that cost. Our goal is $1,000, 50% of the initial cost. We will currently also be paying school fees for her to play high school soccer in the fall and for her sister to play travel soccer this year.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow, when did sports become so expensive?

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