Thursday, May 17, 2007

TV talk

Veronica Mars- Cancelled 

Jericho- Cancelled

Drive- Cancelled

On the fringe-

Scrubs, The Office, Supernatural, BSG. 

why the heck is it coming back-

Friday Night Lights

There are some interestingsounding new shows coming out-

Reaper (CW), Bionic Woman (NBC), Journey Man (this one is ripping off my heroes spin off and quantum leap(NBC) ), cavemen (ABC) I don't think it will be funny or last but who knows, Carpool (ABC)

Fox has yet to announce

I hate network execs, and I hate dumb Americans that watch the dumb shows and get the good ones cancelled.  "wah, I have to think about this show but I don't know how to think,  what channel is American Idol on."

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[atropos] said...

This made me laugh... after the outrage that is. I liked Veronica Mars. :(
Hate American Idol. You can suck it Simon!

henroy said...

the caveman commericals are pretty funnny, but a whole tv series about them? that will be a stretch.

MainMor said...

Next week on OW My Balls!

little wonders said...

The networks history of cancelling the good shows is why I am so glad HEROS is returning.

Kirk said...

The Black Donnellys being canceled is one of the biggest TV crimes of the century. And for it to be replaced with some Ashton Kutcher reality crap was just salt on the wound.

AMCL said...

why oh why must they cancel veronica mars!!!!!!!!!!!

grrrace said...

mianmor's comment cracked me up... dude, idiocracy was so awesome.
i hate how good shows get cancelled. i will probably cry when they inevitably cancel 30rock. :(

Gdub said...

Hoenstly, I like Friday Night Lights. I wouldn't give up The office or Heroes for it though.American Idol? It's pure crap.

gamany said...

i still can't believe the cavemen landed their own show. if turning a commercial into a series is the new trend, what's next? a mac/pc comedy series? sheesh.

Budd said...

LaLatte-I like VM too. Oh, you mean the show. I like that too.
Henroy-It could get old really fast.
Mainmor-welcome to costco, I love you!
AOD-with a spinoff, kinda, okay it is filler for the winter hiatus.
Kirk-If it is any consolation the Ashton Moore wedding show got cancelled too.
Mui Yee-I think VM had an audience more mature than CW wants. They want high school kids not 20-30 somethings.
Grrrace-I think that was a bubble show too. NBC thursdays are the funniest night on TV.
Gdub-It is on too early for its content. It isn't the family show that they are touting it as. I watched a couple of episodes, just wasn't my thing.
Angela- How 'bout a show about a different commercial each week. To flesh out the characters in the commercial. It would be a half hour long commercial so advertisers would love it. I would love to see one about the Old Navy swimsuit commercial.

gamany said...

"How 'bout a show about a different commercial each week."

HA! a commercial series. actually, i'd rather watch something like that than an entire series based off of one commercial. i hope the network execs are listening!

Ginger_sister said...

NO KIDDING. I will miss Veronica Mars too. Always the things I enjoy...poof Gone. Drive, Wonderfalls, Firefly...wait I think i have a tim minear thing going on here....