Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Day I Almost Died. . . Again.

In my lifetime I have cheated death repeatedly. I have fallen through the attic, I have rolled go karts with no helmets, I have jumped out of a plane and had to pull my reserve parachute. One of these days my cat like reflexes will slow to a point were death will catch me unawares and then he will have me.

Today I do not have my own reflexes to thank, but sheer luck. Coming back from lunch today, I was riding shotgun in a co-worker's car. We pull up to the light at Church Street in downtown Nashville, right in front of Baptist Hospital. Nothing is coming and there is no sign stating no right on red. The co-worker driving confirms this with all passengers. She starts her turn onto Church St. and out of nowhere comes a red convertible flying over the hill. The speed limit on Church St is thirty MPH. This guy was doing fifty easy. I am looking over when I see it. The driver who is in the middle of the turn is watching the road ahead. I yell "GO!" Of course, this has no affect on the driver except to force her to look over at the car flying towards us.

Thankfully the bald guy in the convertible was able to slow down, honk his horn, and cuss our stupidity at not clearing the road so he could drive at ridiculous speeds. It was one of those life flashing before my eyes moments though. The worst part is that I had no control over the situation. I am sure that my foot reached for a gas pedal that wasn't there. I felt kind of helpless and weak. Of course I wasn't wearing my seat belt (those things will kill you).

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Kirk said...

Nothing worse than just being "along for the ride" during an accident. The feeling of helplessness... ugh.I've jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, too, but my primary chute worked just fine, thankfully. I'm sure it's tough to control a reserve chute with a load of poo in your shorts! :DLove how you threw the word "bald" in there. Nice, subtle reference to his mid-life crisis, no? Well done.