Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Blog Tutorial

Because I am feeling superior to my fellow man (inspired by a trip to myspace):

1.  The lyrics of a song a blog do not make.  Not much of this on Vox and I am grateful for that.  You can put lyrics up that is fine, but please preface them with something. 

2.  The Market has been cornered on political blogs written by people we don't care about.  We all know Bush is an idiot; write about something else.  If you are completely original and more entertaining than the other Bush bashers, please continue.  If your rants are specific to something idiotic he has done recently, then by all means. 

3.  Don't be dumb.  Maybe posting should be more difficult.  Their should be a Jeopardy question that you have to answer before your post is posted.  Yeah, that would solve some problems.  Commenting should have the same criteria.

4.  You might not believe me now, but posting pictures of yourself drunk and/or kissing random people in a club is not really something you want to be doing.  In fact, taking those pictures should be kept to a minimum.  Think of it this way:  I can copy any picture on the internet, even yours.  The exception to this rule is naked pictures.  There are not enough of these on the internet. 

5.  Intelligent posts are always a joy.  Entertaining is the blogger's main objective.  Please do not give in to excessive hyperbole.  People can usually feel when you are making something up, and, if history is an accurate guide, they will call you out on it.

6.  Telling some girl that she is really hot is not a way to get that person to read your blog or communicate with you in any way.  Telling a guy that is a sure fire way to get him to contact you in some way.  Seriously, if I just spent 30 minutes typing out an original thought and I get a comment about how good looking I am, I would be mad (and I am a guy).  Tell me that my writing rocks.  Comment in my pictures about how hot I am.

7.  The question of the day is not to be taken seriously except on the very rare occasion that it is thought provoking.  Sarcasm is not only allowed but is encouraged.  Momma always told me, "if you cannae say sumpin' (we are southern and don't really talk this way) witty, don't say nuttin at all."

Hope this helps in your future blogging. 

I don't really see these problems in Vox much.

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little wonders said...

Excellent, I agree with them, especially #7

Ross said...

Answer: This is the largest lake in Africa, located in eastern Africa at the border of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.Question: What is Lake Victoria?***Congratulations, you may now post your comment***Great post! I think at times, it is okay to answer the QotD honestly even when it isn't especially thought-provoking, but this should be done in moderation. For some people who need a spur to get going in their writing again, this can be a big kick in the backside. I have to say that I enjoy reading the sarcastic / funny / interesting answers myself though, and personally don't do a whole lot of QotD posts unless I think they're "worthy".

[atropos] said...

Okay, no more half naked pictures of myself. That whole you being able to copy and paste is freaking me out, man.

Budd said...

Latte- You can't stop now! I haven't finished decorating the living room.

[atropos] said...

Damn you, Budd!

gamany said...

[you look good]

Steve Betz said...

Nicely done --- myspace makes me cringe.

Ender said...

Brilliant!I find Xanga to be angst central, though.Poetry involving alliteration using the words blood and black should carry particularly stern punishment. Look kiddo, being a teenager doesn't suck that badly, and Sylvia Plath pretty much covered the world's need for angst-y poetry some time ago.

grrrace said...

HAH! gamany's comment made me laugh.oh, and your post was okay, too, budd. ;P