Friday, June 15, 2007

TV Talk

Wow, summer is upon us.  That means time to catch up on stuff I DVR'd like House, Painkiller Jane,  Smallville, and the Tudors. 

To wrap up the tv season: Lost rocked, Heroes did too.  Supernatural started slow but knocked it out of the park.  Prison Break (huge in Korea now for some reason) was circling the shark tank on the motorcycle, but they have been doing that from the beginning.  Everything else that was good got cancelled.  Jericho was brought back thanks to some fan sending the studio nuts.  I hear they are trying this trick with Veronica Mars using Mars bars.

Summer seasons are now showing new programming. 

Here is what I will likely watch:

Last Comic Standing

Hell's Kitchen

Who Wants to Be a Superhero

Dr. Who

Drive (final two episodes)

I would watch 4400 but they need to have a marathon that I could see the entire 2nd and 3rd seasons in order to catch up.

I will also probably finish up The Prisoner Series that I have borrowed for quite too long. 

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grrrace said...

i liked the first season of prison break. the second one just pissed me off. and well, i think they're really pushing it by putting it on for another season... do they have seasons 2/3 of the 4400 on dvd yet? i liked the first season... it was all right. i hated that little girl, though. she was annoying. the prisoner? the old bbc one? we finally finished that. i really like the series.

Budd said...

The one and same Prisoner from BBC. I borrowed it from someone like a year ago. I feel so bad.

grrrace said...

you really should watch it and return it. heh.i loaned a friend of mine season one of BSG... like, MONTHS ago. and she STILL hasn't watched it. sheesh. heh.

gamany said...

i've been meaning to catch who wants to be a superhero but i don't need any more shows on my lineup.that's so funny about jericho and the nuts.

Budd said...

superhero is the most cheesiest show on tv. I mean, Stan Lee is doing the dialogue and it is straight out of the Bullpen. It is awesome!

Design Shark said...

Man. I feel way out of the loop. The only show I recognised in this entire post was House.

little wonders said...

For missed episodes of all your favourite shows you might have luck trying I can't say for sure that they will have the 4400, but I was pleasantly surprised to find they had all but one story arc of the Tom Baker years of Doctor who =^-^= you have to watch it online but it's free and easy.