Friday, August 03, 2007

Reviews and Confessions

*Here there be spoilers*

Who Wants to be a Superhero-  It is two weeks in and I think this season is shaping up to be pretty good.  I think they had a better group of heroes last time though.  So Braid (truly anoying) and Mindset (not as smart as he says) are now eliminated.  Mr. Mitzvah and Ms. Limelight have been up to the pedastals twice and both characters need some major transformation to survive.  I will now break the characters down.

Ms. Limelight - She is just so perky and sweet that you want her to do well, but she will only make it a couple of more weeks at most. 

Mr. Mitzvah- Likely the mole, super stereotypical.  If not the mole, his days are numbered.

Parthenon- He is a fun character and I like him to go pretty far, but to reference another superhero: Flame on Johnny Storm. 

Hyperstrike- I agree, his costume sucks.  I see him in the final two.

Defuser- He is a leader on the team, but I question what his focus is.  Also a chance that he is the mole.

Basura-  she is hot, but I had to look up her name.  At this point she is just eye candy.

Hygena-  I see here as another leader on the team and possibly one that will win the competition.

WhipSnap- This is my favorite, and, pardon the pun, the dark horse (cause they get adapted to a dark horse comic) for winning the whole thing.  She really wants to be there and is really taking it seriously. 


Crank- does the is guy play any other characters?  The movie was fun and almost non-stop action.  There is a lot of disbelieve to suspend and it is not remotely for children.  Guys, you might not even want to watch this with the wife. 






Confession Time:

I like High School Musical

I have watched it a couple of times with my daughter and we just have a grand ole time.  I want to buy her the DVD.  The DVD has features such as dance lessons and studio time.  This movie is very charming and family friendly.  The chicks are hot, and I can say that because they were all over 18 when the movie was made.  The sequel comes out in two weeks on Disney channel and my daughter and I can't wait. I just hope that it has the same charm as the original and doesn't come off as contrived just to make a profit off of the firsts success. 

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[atropos] said...

I don't watch Who Wants to be a Superhero.
I so want to see Crank!
High School Musical? I'm in shock... at least you keep an open mind.

grrrace said...

i haven't watched who wants to be a superhero... crank was all right. i watched it at double time so it made it even more exciting than it really was, i think. jason statham plays that whole "bad guy with a good heart" really well, though, doesn't he? i love him. his movies are all right, too. heh. i like transporter more, though.high school time. i love that you have a guilty pleasure. i haven't watched it yet. i'm not sure i will. maybe when mia's older...

Dancing Bear said...

Glad Limelight stayed. A bit of a dingbat but she should be fun to watch. Hyperstrike looks a little like Joan Rivers though and Parthenon needs to tough it up a bit,lol! I love that Stan uses the same old chinese lady he has for decades to make the costumes. They spoofed her in "The Incredibles" and people in Hollywood know her pretty darned well. I am also tough on Crime and Grime but I really like Bug Girl. Yes, eye candy but I also want to see the insect swarms come to her aid. I agree with you about Whip Snap. She is really into it and I think you have to be if you want Stan Lee to notice you. He is the same as he was 25 years ago .

Andi said...

i've spent a lot of time working with kids so i always try to keep up with what's going on. since you were willing to admit it, i'll confess too. i like high school musical also. i'm looking forward to the sequel and hoping it's similar or better than the first. i'm a sucker for a good family flick. :)