Friday, June 16, 2006

Vernon Robinson

This is the good stuff. I would vote for him.


Carol said...

LOL!!! I love it!

Congrats on the (ahem) award!

J. Stone said...

Alright, what state do I need to change my residency to vote Verno into office???

I see we took the same approach to two completely different awards and I have also added you to my blogg...congrats.

Budd said...

The state of NC. If you are stationed out of Bragg it would be easy. But, Blackhawks. . . I am guessing Campbell.

J. Stone said...

Alas, you are correct. I see you are out of Nashville, or Plano, or Africa, whatever suits you...maybe a military background yourself?

I sent you an e-mail to your Blogs addy. The request is moot, but still an open channel