Wednesday, August 09, 2006






So I picked up something at a game store on Saturday.  It is called VS, and it is a trading card game.  Some will be familiar with Magic:  The Gathering and most with Pokemon and Yugio.  This game allows you to team up comic book characters and pit them against others.  You can stick with team affiliations or not.  For example, you could have an X-Men deck and you could play a Brotherhood of evil mutants deck, or you could have an X-Men deck and play against a JLA deck.  You could also mix characters.  You could put Batman in a deck with magneto, or mix Spiderman into a superman deck. 

If you are in TN you should check out Next Level Games for more information or tournaments.  They also carry Magic, Pokemon, Yugio, and other card games as well as comics. 

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MainMor said...

This game sounds frikkin cool

melanaise said...

Yes it does- I also like your home wallpaper...budd email me.

melanaise said...

could you play with garbage pail kid cards? I have a ton of em.