Monday, January 08, 2007

My Theory

The Atlanta Falcons have put too much cap money on Vick to ever get to the Superbowl.  The only way is to pick up a lot of diamonds in the rough that went undrafted or in late rounds and shine them up really quick.  Not likely.  Vick can't win the game alone and the Falcons can't afford to support him. 

Your thoughts.

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gamany said...

how sad am i. i've been living in atlanta now for 2 years and know anything about the falcons. i've watched a couple of games but not enough to give you my thoughts.

Jeepz said...

I've got to go with something I heard from a sports talking head (Salsbury perhaps): What the Flacons (and Vick) don't need is a new new offensive coordinator. The system isn't the problem. Vick isn't the problem. It's needing time and consistency in the same offense, along with receivers who can catch the ball, and an offensive line that can protect Vick in the pocket that's the problem. Give Vick a stable environment, a solid system, make him use it, and more importantly give him an O-line and wideouts that can allow him to use it, and then hopefully he'll use his mad rush skilz as a unique wrinkle rather than being the focus of the offense.

Budd said...

all that stuff costs money. They need to get some rookies on the cheap that can step up into these roles. Or coach players to their full potential.