Wednesday, January 03, 2007

QotD: The Big To Do List

What's on your "do before I die" list?
Submitted by Caroline.

1.  get published
2.  get my black belt in Tae Kwon Do
3.  become really good at something.  This jack of all trades crap is for the birds
4.  Change someones life.  In a good way, not the negative one that I usually do
5.  See lance armstrong and barry bonds go down for doing steroids

I don't know.  I have done so much already.  I have jumped out of planes,  ridden in a helicopter with the door open, got married, had kids, bought a house, fired a live claymore, fired a live grenade launcher, I have lived in a foreign country (Korea), I have spent a month in the Mojave desert,  I have seen snow in LA in April, ridden horses, ridden motorcycles, rolled go carts, snowboarded, skiied, and have run a marathon. 

The disadvantages of really living life early on are that it leaves you very little to look forward to.

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Ender said...

Eh, didn't grow up here... Just got moved here a few years ago.Were you an Army brat?

gamany said...

well, you could write a book about TKD and how to become a black belt (because
you're that good), which in turn helps someone become interested in
martial arts and you even autograph his/her book at a signing a few months later (but wonder if you've changed that person's life
in a good way) only to hear that armstrong and bonds were assaulted by an angry fan who turns out to be the same person you met at your book signing. *lol* it's all a balancing act, my friend.when and where were you in Korea? my dad was stationed in seoul, met my mom in '74 and had me in '75. we went back and lived there for his second TOD in the early 80's. did you meet your wife there?

Erin said...

you stole my list...i just have number five as number one

Budd said...

Gamany- I was in Korea from Nov 98 to Nov 99. I was stationed at Camp Casey in Dongduchon. I did not meet my wife there but did eat at a KFC in Uijongbu that she worked at. She was actually here working at Opryland Hotel when I met her. I charmed her with my Korean pick up lines. Feel free to use this one: Me: What does Salonghe(sp?) mean? Her: I love you. Me: You do? this is so sudden! yeah, she didn't stand a chance. Erin-Bonds is a just a jerk that doesn't deserve the HR record. I hope he doesn't beat Aaron's record. Armstrong is a jerk too, but he is sneaky about it. Read his second book and see how he treated his wife. I know he is juicing because everyone else in the sport is and they couldn't beat him. He may be good enough to beat the rest of the field clean, but if they are juicing and not winning, so is he. Occum's razor.

gamany said...

bahahaha, that's great! i've got to remember that one. camp casey--that's where my dad was station and we lived in dongduchon, too. i remember taking the bus over that scary canyon to the DMZ to visit my dad. back then, i had no idea what he was doing there but it was so cool to see him. he did tell us stories as my brother and i got older about the whacky crap the north korean soldiers would pull. the atrocities people are capable of just makes me sick.last question. were you infantry?

Budd said...

I was a Cav. Scout in a Scout Platoon attached to 2/9 inf. Yes, I did the Manchu mile. I never did really get up to the DMZ while I was there. We did a rifle range where we were firing out into it one time, but that was it.

gamany said...

so you were the eyes and ears for the group? talk about stressful. i think my dad was 1st/38th infantry. of course all this has me thinking about how i loved eating MRE's as a kid. it was like a box of crackerjacks--not knowing what you'd get but happy all the same. i can't believe i just admitted that.