Monday, January 01, 2007

Vox Hunt: Happy New Year!

Show us how you rang in the new year!

Someone brought a Wii to the party I was at and we all had a blast playing Wii sports and creating our Miis.  My wife, who detests video games, actually had a good time with it.  That doesn't mean she is going to let me drop the $250 for the system though.

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Kirk said...

See, now, it was the lady of the house who wanted the Wii in our household. Ironic, considering I'm the one who worked for 'tendo, but there you go. None to be had, of course, so we went with a home theater system. Also very fun.

Design Shark said...

Better than Blogger? This place EFFING ROCKS. You're my newest hero.In other news, I want a Wii so bad I could, well, pee. Scott's not caving either, I'll buy it in 3 months when it's at the re-sell-it game shop. Ungrateful bastard children. ;)