Thursday, February 15, 2007

QotD: This Would Be Super

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?
Submitted by J.T.

This is the hardest question ever to appear on QotD.  In fiction, no one ever gets to choose their ability. It is just thrust upon them.  To pick a single ability would be very hard. 

Flight would be cool, but really how practical is it to be able to fly.  Sure I could fly to work, but superhero stuff?  I couldn't fly to the top of burning buildings without being burnt or suffocating, I couldn't rescue people during storms because I would be blown of course worse than a helicopter, and I couldn't fly too high without passing out.  It is still flying though and very, very, cool.  And the freedom.

Invisibility is more of a novelty.  I am way too old to go looking in girls locker rooms.  I can see this power being used for personal gain.  You could be in meetings and get stock tips that were never meant for your ears.  This power could too easily be abused.

Superspeed is probably the best one.  Who doesn't wish for more time with superspeed you are able to create more time.  Drawbacks would be your grocery bill and wear and tear on clothing and shoes. 

Telepathy is rife with ethical dilemas.  Is it right to be inside someones head?  Should I use the information to my advantage?  Should I tell that guy his wife is cheating on him?  Hey she thinks I am cute, let me pick her brain and be her perfect man. 

All in all, any of these would be really cool to have as a villian.  I can think of so many ways to take advantage of the abilities.  To be a hero, though, would take the right person gifted with the right ability.  I don't think most people would step up.  Most would quietly use their abilities to their advantage.  A few would set up elaborate scams using their powers.  I would like to think that I would step up, but honestly, I think I would be the guy that quietly uses my abilities to my own advantage.  For that reason.  No super power for me.  I don't deserve it.

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Steve Betz said...

Being a scientist, we have a lot of high-minded and intellectual discussions around the cafeteria table... one last week was: "Would you rather have the superpower of flying or invisibility?"
I said, without hesitation, invisibility. When pressed, I said, b/c flying would be fun, but you could DO things when invisible. There was a discourse about anything that you would DO would probably violate someone's civil rights, or a least piss-them-off if they knew. Invisibility is the path to the Dark Side, apparently, while flying is all red-cape and giant chest-S.
Then I asked if could i have ESP while invisible? And that's when it was concluded that I am, in fact, evil. Or Stevil, if you will.

Jeepz said...

I want to know what's wrong with a little personal gain if you still step up?

Budd said...

JP-nothing if you can balance the two, but personal gain is almost like self preservation and that is at odds with stepping up usually.
Superman doesn't have to risk anything to fight evil. Sure the occasional kryptonite or magic may slow him down but on average he can't be hurt. I think to just have the one power most people wouldn't really risk themselves for others on a daily basis. Sure if you saw something going down and you were in a position to help, but you wouldn't seek out those situations.
Steve- I cam to the same conclusion. I am evil. All men have a Heart of Darkness.

grrrace said...

i could NEVER be a hero. a villian, though? yeah. i could definitely be a bad guy. hehe.

Design Shark said...

Wow, that's a lot of thought there. I should start answering those Qs, but I'm too damned busy. I'd like to be able to change colors. Totally impractical, but wickedcool. Or maybe I'd be a transformer. Hm, the choices!

gamany said...

you are so noble. and to think i choose the power of the force.