Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Want My Day!

The rest of the world celebrates easter on a Monday.  This makes more sence than celebrating on a Sunday.  Good Friday +  three days = Monday.  We will ignore for the time that it happened the day after passover.  The last supper was a Saider. 

Why, you may ask, am I concerned about this?  What difference does it make?  The difference is that of a day.  A Monday, that the rest of the Christian world gets to take off in addition to Friday.  That is right.  This is all about a four day weekend.  Moving Easter to Sunday is a conspiracy by the Government to make us work more days out of the year. 

Contact your congressman/woman and tell them that you want Easter Monday, not Sunday.  Let's join the rest of the world in their four day weekend.

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1 comment:

[atropos] said...

I don't even have a three day weekend, and I'm not complaining. Consider yourself better off.