Friday, April 06, 2007

My Audience

So, LaLatte was wondering if we think we know her, and it made me think of the person I represent myself as in my blog.  Am I me, a better version of me, someone completely different?  I think I am me on this blog, but I think I write for an audience.  Who are my audience?  You are. 

How does this change the way I write?  Well for one, the post that get the most comments and start the most conversations on my blog and on others that I read get my attention.  I tend to write for that attention instead of writing what I feel.  The thing is, you guys always respond differently than I think you are.  I would like to say that my most heartfelt and thoughtout posts are the ones that get the best responses, but they are not.  The ones that seem to get the best responses are the ones that hit me like lightening out of the blue.  A lot of these fall flat as well. 

I sometime wonder if people automatically know what they will be getting when the come to my blog, or if I completely suprise them on a consistent basis.  I know that I sometimes suprise myself.  It seems that the blogs that garner the most readership are linear and have limited focus on most of their posts.  Some people blog on politics, others on music or humor, some post lots of pictures. 

So, answer a survey for me.  1) What do you like about my writing?   2)  What don't you like?  3)  Do you expect a certain content from my posts?  4)  What keeps you coming back?

I know it shouldn't matter but a writer must have his audience and you guys are my audience.  Allow me to entertain you.

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Steve Betz said...

Budd -- I find this to be a really fascinating topic -- how much does your vox-self represent your true-self. I've been told that I write like I speak and so people that know me recognize my posts as "me".
I like your tv commentary, and I think your thoughts on tv, movies and pop-culture are pretty good -- I'm always curious as to what you're going to think about something, these days "Heroes" or "BSG" (though I am behind in the latter).
I'd have to say the only think i don't like is the veinous hand as your picture -- creeps me out. What's the story there?

Budd said...

That is Wolverine's hand from the Origins miniseries. An excellent story that reveals the childhood of Logan.