Friday, July 20, 2007

In Honor of the New Book

My review for the 6th book originally posted to amazon on July 26, 2005:

     The newest addition of Harry Potter is darker and racier than previous books have been. New loves are found and lost and maybe found again. The humor that the Weasley twins brought out is absent and the book remains serious throughout. Harry is back to being the "curious and able to find trouble" Harry, and he is not as angsty as he was in the series' previous incarnation. Ron and Hermione are rocks that are unchanging. Malfoy strangely absent for most of the book, is given more depth when he is brought to the forefront.

     Most people will hate Snape more after this story, but I believe that there are hints of character development in Rowling's writing of him. This book brings about great changes for Harry, and by the end, the series is turned on its head. The series, as originally planned, was only supposed to follow Harry through his seven years at Hogwarts. This does not look to be the plan anymore, as the ending of the book opens the story up past the enchanted halls of Hogwarts. Let us hope that Rowling does not get bogged down like Jordan has and is able to take us to the last battle in a reasonable amount of time.

     Rowlings writing is improving vastly. The complexity of the story and number of characters demand it. She rises to the challenge almost effortlessly. She makes some hard decisions that she will likely take some pretty harsh criticism for, and the story, along with the characters, is more grown up. The magical world of Halloween feasts is gone in this book and is replaced by a world in fear of the very magic it cherishes.

     This book has some mature themes in it, and is therefore recommended for teenagers and up. If you have a younger child that wants to read the book, I would recommend reading it yourself first. If you are a fan of the series you will love this book. If you hated the last book, you will not hate this one. Rowling recovers nicely in this book.

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3devious said...

Thank you for writing that review of the 6th book. I hated the 5th book so badly, I almost thought about finding the author and demanding those hours of my life back.
I checked out your vox because of your line "Here to piss you off!" I figured that I would probably like you.

Budd said...

glad you enjoyed the review and glad you aren't in the Potter kool-aid cult and are not burning me at the stake over the review.