Friday, August 10, 2007

Crash, Boom, Bang!

These should be common sounds to a father of a three year old and a 6 year old, and , for the most part, it is.  At 11:30 at night it is a little unsettling though.  I can hear them run, slide across the floor, and then crash into something.  They are climbing all over the furniture, knocking stuff over, and making a big mess.  Oh, , , not my kids, the cats! 

If you remember from long ago, my cat, Chopstick, was pregnant.  She had two kittens and one had to be put to sleep due to a birth defect.  At our daughter's request, we decided to keep the other one, Wasabi. 

Wasabi is now a couple of months old and just learning that he can jump really high onto things.  Kittens, not unlike human children, think just because they can do something that they should.  Again like human children, they are incredibly clumsy.  On its own, it can be somewhat humerous to watch this ball of fur jump for and miss targets.  Oh, but Wasabi has help.

Chopstick, like any good cat mother, is teaching her kitten how to survive in the wild.  This means that the lessons include fighting, pouncing, sneek attacks, and high speed chases.  Wasabi is a very quick study and practices his lessons every waking hour.  When petting him, he attacks your hand.  When walking, he attacks your feet.  When still, he attacks something to make you move so he can attack it. 

This is very fun to watch.  The fight scenes are something that the Matrix creators only dreamed of choreographing.  changes of direction mid air, death defying leaps, running full speed into a wall only to go up the wall instead of crash.  Yes, it is an action movie every night and the entire house is the set.

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Ross said...

I can just see them doing this. You should shoot some video and post it here...then you can sell it to the Wachowski brothers for choreography for their next movie!

grrrace said...

cats are silly. hehe.

Dancing Bear said...

We found a kitten wandering up 8th Avenue and brought it in. So far she has managed to terrorize the other two cats into submission and lays right on top of my 18 year old dog like a futon. He seems to think it's pretty funny. She is Jet Black and our house has a few pretty dark rooms so she hides everywhere and does sneak attacks on the other 6 of us continually. She learned it all by herself too becuase the others are all at least in their 14 plus years range. They all get a huge kick out of her and they literally smile when she assaults "somebody else". She just reached out from under the couch and snagged my toe. We named her after one of kevin's friends from Vox who is a really feisty southern girl from Mississippi. We have a little girl named Crystal who comes to visit her cat. She's on her way over now.