Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Banned Book Review

Wow,  This book was rough.  It was good but it was kind of a downer.  It follows the events of a school chocolate sale.  The high school is a private boys Catholic school and it has a secret society (the vigils) that runs the student body.  One of the students is made to refuse to sell chocolates for two weeks by the vigils as a prank.  The student decides it is a good idea and continues not to sell.  This angers the administation and the vigils. 

Why was it banned?  references to masturbation and violence most likely.  I think the more disturbing aspect of the novel is the message that the nail that stands up gets violently hammered down.  This book tells people to conform or risk being punished.  No one is going to stand up for you if you are sticking out.  Maybe Cormier really wanted to show how people are sheep that will follow a shepard and that you should stand up for those that choose a different path. 

The end of the book is disturbing yet completely gripping.  It says a lot about human nature and especially the nature of testosterone filled boys.  I wouldn't really recommend this book to anyone under the age of 14.  I will hold this book off from my daughters until I feel that they will understand the concepts and actually get this book.  For everyone else, read it.  It is quick and pungent.

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Ross said...

Thanks for the review - I'm going to check this one out.

Jeepz said...

If I ever had time to read.... alas, I'll put it on the To Be Read list, and hope for someday. Thanks for the review, it sounds like something I'd like.

purplehayes51708 said...

I want to read that one.I have heard great things about that book!