Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Book Club

At Panera Bread in Hermitage, tonight, 7pm. We will be discussing In the Balance by Harry Turtledove. We will also discuss the website and its implementation. Phil will lead the discussion on that.

Questions for In the Balance:

1. Is the writer misogynistic or is he just "in the time period?"

2. The Race is slow to adapt and unable to relate at all to humanity's resistance. Is this realistic?

3. The Race reacts to ginger as a very addictive drug. Drug use seems very new to them. Seeing as how humans discovered mind altering substances in very primitive times, is it feasible that any technological society would not have done the same?

4. People in the book seem to pick up the completely alien language very quickly. Discuss.

5. There is an awful lot of adult situations in the book. Is this distracting?

6. Was Turtledove able to portray famous individuals and technology of the time accurately?

7. The N word is used several times in the book. Discuss.

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Princesskasren said... he the one that wtites fantasy or sci-fi but it's western or something? I seem to remember covers with people holding guns but...yeah he's alternative history guy right? I remember having an argument about where to shelve him at the bookshop.

Budd said...

He is an alernate history guy. In the Balance deals with aliens attacking during world war II so I think this one falls under the Sci-fi category.