Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Il Trovatore

The Nashville Opera is presenting Il Trovatore this week.  We had "sneak preview" tickets and took the girls.  The sneak preview is just a dress rehersal and they tell you before hand that the players may not sing at full voice.  This wasn't really an issue when we went to see Turandot a few years ago, but last night it was kind of obvious.  Certain lines they went full voice and certain players would step up, but for the most part they were at 3/4.  It was a good production and my wife got excited that a Korean guy was in the lead role of Manrico.  The stage design was sparce compared to some shows I have seen before.  The girls had a good time though.  We ate at the Spaghetti Factory before we went.  The girls got all dressed up, although the wife and I did not.  It was a fun evening.  The girls liked the Nashville Opera's Ugly Duckling production at Barnes and Nobles better.  That was about a month ago and they got to play pretty ducklings in the opening scene.  If you are in Nashville and have kids, take them to see the Ugly Duckling children's opera.  It is exceptional. 

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