Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jung and Her Scoot

My wife on her scooter.  She doesn't think she needs a jacket or anything.  I guess the scooter makes the road magically softer if you fall.  We got one of the cheap Chinese numbers.  It is 50cc which doesn't require licensing of the bike or of the rider (over a regular driver's license).  She has been riding to work everyday since she got it.  She is getting about 100mpg.  

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grantalias said...

I wish my van got that kind of mileage.

Steve Betz said...

Good for her -- she probably didn't want the jacket and stuff so as not to crowd your "bad biker boy" image... ;)

grrrace said...

cute :D and that mileage is so awesome.

Phil Davis said...

Chicks dig scars!