Tuesday, September 23, 2008

blast from the past- The Towel Fairy

Men and women are different, and towels are a perfect example of this difference.  I hang my towel on the hook right outside of the shower when I am done.  I put it there after I use it so it will be dry and available after my next shower.  Some mornings I turn off the water and it is not there.  The towel fairy (my wife) has come and stolen it away.  When this happens I am forced with three options. 

The first is to shake off like a dog.  This method will give you a headache and isn't nearly as productive for humans as it is for dogs.  I would not recommend it. 

The second option is to yell at the towel fairy to bring me a towel.  Depending on mood or state of consciousness, this could result in death and is not recommended.

The third option is to make a run for it.  This gets water everywhere.  A man's inadequate cleaning skills makes it impossible for him to clean up all the water before what he has done is noticed.  Evidence of the run and/or being caught in the act could also result in death and is not recommended. 

I have told my wife not to remove the towel, and she tells me to check for one before I get in.  I tell her I checked for it by putting it there the previous morning.  She says that is using a dirty towel. 

What!?!, how is that using a dirty towel.  The cleanest moment of the day is when I step forth from the shower.  I am drying clean water off of my clean body with that towel.  Where in this equation is the towel getting dirty.  It is almost like that argument in Pulp Fiction.  I realize that the towel probably needs to be washed when it gets hard to bend, but it is all good up to that point. 

Why must the Towel Fairy force me to torment her by taking my towel?

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Ross said...

Hehe, this made me laugh. Mostly because it's all too true and hits too close to home.Very rarely, but sometimes, I manage to notice the towel fairy has taken away my towel before I step in the shower. Then I have to decide whether to get dressed again and walk through the house to get a new one, make a mad dash for it bare-assed, or use my wife's towel. I usually opt for the third, and then because she'd be worried about the towel being dirty, I'll conscientiously put it in the laundry for her. So why does she then get mad at me when she realizes as she gets out of the shower that HER towel isn't there???

Princesskasren said...

Ahhh...yes but I quote" A man's inadequate cleaning skills..."So therefore all towel fairies know that your towel is not 'clean'. Plus you only have to 'use' something to make it dirty and available for re-cleaning.