Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grocery Getter

So, my motorcycle gets great gas mileage but I can't really carry much around.  It is also a problem if I have to go somewhere and don't want to lug all of my gear around.  The Ninja250 site had this great idea for a hard tail case made from a rubbermaid actionpacker.  Here is my experiment.

This is the bottom of the small action packer.  I lined it up on my bike and marked where it lined up with my hooks.  I then drilled holes in it.  I am connecting it to the bike with some eye bolts.  The washers are so the nuts don't dig into the plastic.  
This is how it looks mounted from the inside.  
This is how it looks mounted to the hooks
Here are some finished pics.  It sits right on the passenger seat and does not impede operation of the bike.  With my jacket on, it does not stick out any further than my body and does not cause additional drag.  It does make mounting the bike harder and I have to mount from the peg instead of from the ground.  
The helmet fits inside, but I found that I could not get my much else in.  Luckily I can lock my helmet to the outside.  

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Red Mosquito said...

That's a cool idea. With everyone else around the neighborhood getting bikes and scooters, it makes me think of getting one. Then I remember it's almost winter here in Wisconsin. Being in an enclosed is so much more comfortable when the temperature is below 0.

grrrace said...

very cool idea.