Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Weather Scare

Last night we had bad thunderstorms and tornado watches. The networks,
however, were not content with running the little bar at the bottom of the
screen telling where the watches and warnings were. Instead, they disrupted
programming and had people with weather maps showing the progress of the
storm. Every time the storm front hit another county (which it would
obviously do), they stated it as an emergency update.

I am not sure, but I think an alert every half hour giving a timeline of
when it was going to hit certain places and a scroll at the bottom of the
screen would be more efficient. Watching the storm front move north east is
not going to help me survive a tornado. It's not like I can go seek shelter
somewhere for tornado warnings. If my house gets blown down, then there is
nothing watching the weather can do about it. If I have to die during a
storm, at least let me be watching My Name is Earl and not some stupid map,
with a stupid forecaster surprised that the storm is moving in the same
direction and affecting new areas.

I hate the News and their effort to sensationalize every story. At least
they didn't tease the storm: "Deadly storm moving through the area, find out
if you were in the path tonight at 10."

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