Monday, May 08, 2006

Bed Sheet Advertising

I don't know if this happens in other cities, but in Nashville, rap groups promote themselves by hanging white bed sheets on fences with the date and location of their performance.  This is either really great promotion or it is piss poor. 

If you have a location that is high visibility toward your target audience and they don't care how they get the information, it is shear genius.  If this is done in an area where people care about the looks of the neighborhood and feel short-changed for the lack of effort, then it comes off as lazy. 

I for one feel that it is lazy and it does nothing to bring outsiders to the show.  I don't care if it is R. Kelly coming to town, if I see it on a sheet, I am going to think the venue is seedy and that I will not be safe going to the show (if it is R. Kelly I don't care anyways because he is a pedophile).  What kind of club resorts to spray painted bed-sheets for advertising.  Are Kinko's copies really so expensive that you can't afford a thousand flyers/posters to slap on every pole in town like other genres. 

What kind of person allows a bed-sheet with spray painted words on it hung perpetually in their yard.  Do they pay this person or do they pick an elderly person they know will not go out and take it down?  Doesn't this violate some city beautification ordinance? 

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