Friday, May 05, 2006


From the window near my office at work, I can see where they are getting ready to build a new building. I work in an area of Nashville called Metro Center and it is, primarily, a business district with some residential areas surrounding. The area where the building is being erected used to be wooded land and we are going to miss the greenery. I stated that it would be okay as long as they put a Wal-Mart there. Wal-Mart, you see, would make life easier and give us a place we could go for a variety of things during lunch. Metro Center has no shopping or banking and only a few restaurant choices (what brand of burger do you want today). This elicited unreasonable hope in many that there would be a Wal-Mart there. We decided that we needed to make a sign out of cardboard that a Wal-Mart was coming soon. That way they would have to put one there. My boss offered twenty bucks for someone to go over and ask them if they where building a Wal-Mart. The building has achieved official joke cliché status. Then one person suggested that they wanted it to be a Hooters. I piped up that they could put the Hooters in the Wal-Mart, a la McDonald's. Walhooters was born and to this day sounds like the best thing they could put there.

This is probably much funnier at work were several other in jokes flow in and out of this one.

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