Friday, June 23, 2006

Booking Through Thursday- Abridging

Booking Through Thursday

We haven't talked about abridged stories for a while. These questions were suggested by Xine.

  1. Are abridgements a good introduction to long, boring classics, or a blight on literature? They are blight on literature and a smack in the face to both the author and the editor.

  2. If abridgements have their place, what is it? In the bin!

  3. Have you read any abridgements, or will you read any? Why or why not? In DVD deleted scenes the director usually says that he cut the scene because it slowed down the movie. The reason they bring the scene back in the DVD is that he feels it has some relevance. People who can't handle an intermission in the explosions and action are retarded and the movie should not be dumbed down just for them. Abridgements are the same way.

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Laura said...

Don't hold back, Budd. Just let us know how you feel about abridged books. LOL ;-)