Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup Action

Is fantastic!

For Korea to get through to the next round a win would be great.  They could also do it with a tie.   If they tie and France wins, I am pretty sure that the Swiss will get eliminated.  If Korea losses, then France would also have to lose for Korea to advance.  France wants an actual winner in the K-Swiss (get it) game.  If there is a tie and France wins it will come down to goal differential.  France would have to win by at least two goals.  That is only if the K-Swiss game ends in a 0-0 tie. 

For Korea it would be great to get back into the round of sixteen and they want to win this game so they can top their group and don't have to play Brazil in the semifinals.  Adding to the tension is the fact that Both games are happening simultaneously, so none of the teams will know exactly what they have to do to get through.  Togo can not advance regardless of what happens. 

France would love to advance because Zidane didn't really get the send off he deserved(yellow card) in the game against Korea.  It was his second yellow, so he will not play in today's game. 

Go Reds!


Thank you,

Budd Black


Carol said...

I'm not a sports fan but I wish the US would embrace soccet as the national sport and televise it on Sundays instead of football. Why? Because soccer ends when they say it's going to end! It could be a scoreless tie and it still ends. Not like football where there's 3 minutes left and 30 minutes later they're still playing those 3 minutes. If they showed soccer on Sunday on CBS I wouldn't have to worry about TiVo messing up recording Cold Case.

J. Stone said...

OK Budd, that read like a Bridge recap in a newspaper, but I dug it, or at least got the gist. Troops were pulling for the American team, but now soccer is a little of an after thought out here. Hope your team wins

Budd said...

Yeah, the first round is confusing like that. I think the tiebreaker comes down to the number of freckles on the goalies nose at the age of 13 if he was born after 76 and at the age of 15 if he was born before. If the the goalie was born in 76 you are automatically eliminated.

melanaise said...

budd that pic is from the origins wolverine hand..."have I told you're my hero??""""


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