Monday, July 16, 2007

Budd Reviews the World

Transformers- I finally saw it.  It was very good.  I walked out of the theate with a huge smile on my face; so did my


wife; so did my daughter.  Could it have been better?  Sure, but the movie was great.  attached are my list of complaints:  I really couldn't tell what was going on in any of the fight scenes.  I am sure if I looked at it frame by frame it would be obvious but it all just blurred together at full speed.  The transforming process seemed overly complicated and too nanotechnology inspired.  The story was a little silly.  When did Bumble-Bee's voice box get repaired? 

On to the good:  Megan Fox is hot! Bite your arm while she is not looking hot.  "One shall stand, One shall fall," is the best Prime line from the '84 movie and I like how they recycled it.  Vehicles tranforming into robots.  Shia is a really good actor and was hillarious.  I am not sure Megan Fox can act or not I was too busy paying attention to how hot she was.  This may be a reason to go out and get an HDDVD or Blue Ray player.  In fact, the format that this movie is released on will likely gain dominance.

Red Box-  Have you noticed a movie rental kiosk outside of your local McDonalds?  Have you tried it yet?  Maybe you should.  I did and was happy with my experience.  The computer will only show you movie that they have in stock or that are coming out soon.  The charges for the movies are $1 a day.  You get a seperate transaction for each movie, but you only have to scan your card once.  You can search by Alphabetical order or by release date.  You can reserve movies online so they are there when you get there.  Returning movies was a breeze. 

Dr. Who- I have seen the Christmas Special and the First episode for the season.  I like the new companion.  She is smoking and a Doctor (almost) as well.  My children love the show.  It is just scary enough to be fun for them.  Fun TV for the whole family.

Meadowlands-  This show took a little time for me to warm up to, but it did keep me interested enough to keep tuning in.  I am finally hooked.  Everytime they seem to wrap something up it actually unwraps another level of mystery on the show. 

Diet Pepsi Max-  I saw this and thought I would try the new diet pepsi without knowing that it had more caffine.  I don't like it.  It tastes like flat diet pepsi.  I am not a huge fan of caffine so I will stick with the Caffine Free Diet Pepsi.  I also tried the Jazz caramel diet pepsi.  I didn't like it at first, but if you cool it to almost freezing and drink it that way it is pretty good.  You can't just add Ice.  The soda itself must be cold.  That, or maybe I am a little crazy.

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[atropos] said...

Great breakdown. It's people like you who try new things that keep me from disaster.
Thanks! :-)
P.S. Megan Fox is hot, but acting is not her forte.

grrrace said...

megan fox is an actress? did she say anything in the movie? i don't remember. i was too distracted with how hot she was. heh.

Princesskasren said...

How have you seen the Dr WHo xmas special already? Oh and i hate that new companion...she's the one from the last xmas special right/ The runaway bride episode I believe...yuk.Transformers more than meets the eye.

Budd said...

We are a season behind here. so the christmas special I have seen is the runaway bride episode.

L. said...

Isn't Red Box the best? I'm an addict.

Princesskasren said...

Ahhh...I thought for a moment you were one of the special time travelling.

Princesskasren said... about that.

gamany said...

megan fox is pretty hot, even with her interesting looking thumb. but i bet you didn't notice did ya? ;)

Budd said...

I was not looking at her thumbs, no. why is it her big toe, put there after some bizarre event that left her without a thumb.

gamany said...

no, not a big toe but rather a clubbed thumb. for some reason i noticed during the movie. =\ i'd never heard of the term until i read about it on