Monday, June 26, 2006

The awkwardness

A group of us were going out to lunch on Friday.  My friend invited her friend, Tattoo Girl.  I figure this is an opportunity to clear up any awkwardness.  I like to face my problems head on.

So, I step off of the elevator and tattoo girl walks up and joins our pilgrimage to the parking lot.  If she would have looked back at that point, she would have thought that I had a sunburn.  So we get to the parking lot (scene of the crime) and I had forgotten my sunglasses.  This makes it almost impossible and very uncomfortable to drive.  I also am unsure of how to get to the restaurant that we are going to.  My boss has already filled his vehicle and the mutual friend offers to give me and another guy a ride.  Tattoo girl, of course, is in the car as well.

The ride to the restaurant was uncomfortable to say the least.  I am sure the whole lunch would have been that way had it not been for the ice breaker of the crazy lunatic lady. 

The mutual friend did not know the best way to get there either, so tattoo girl was navigating.  We pull onto the almost empty street that the restaurant was sitting on.  Mutual friend was told to try the garage but had pulled past the entrance.  She then decides that the meters are fine and pulls into a meter on left side of the road.  We are laughing as we tell her that it is illegal to park on the opposite side of the road. 

As we are laughing.  A road raging lunatic pulls up and executes a three point turn almost hitting us.  She is spewing curses from her mouth and her head reminded me of mt. st. Helens in 1981.  The paint was starting to peel on the roof over the driver's seat.  Atomic bomb lady rips into a meter spot.  We at this point are sitting in the middle of the road looking back at her and laughing.  She is still going.  I expect her to turn green and rip out of her clothes at any second. 

We pull around the block and go into the garage.  As we are taking our seats in the restaurant, the other vehicle people comment on how angry this lady was when she came barging in and to the to go line.  We see her go back to her car and she is still in a rage.

Anyways, a majority of the awkwardness was avoided with tattoo girl and I have Miss Mt. Vesuvius to thank for it. 

I would appreciate any incites into what made this person so mad as I doubt that it could be any antics from a single female driver.


Jody said...

Sounds like a typical scene in Santa Cruz, CA.

melanaise said... did I miss this update??? know it's getting cross-linked ya slacker..