Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Tattoo Incident

So, I am pulling into the parking lot at work.  I take the first spot available on a certain row that I have a tendency to park on.  As I am getting out of my car there is a girl picking up something off the ground.  "The plain!  The Plain!  As the girl bends down her clothing retreats from the waistline revealing a patch of dark ink on her hip.  The casual glance turns into a stare as I look to see what form that ink takes.  It was an Ankh.  The girl stands upright, takes a look back at me (I am no longer staring), and walks towards the building. 

I didn't know this person, but knew someone who is friends with her.  Curiosity had me wondering why the person had an ankh (Egyptian symbol of eternal life) tattoo.  Knowing this friend I told her the story and asked my question.  The friend was completely unaware of this tattoo.  Case closed, right?

Well, curiosity is apparently contagious.  The friend walks up to the girl with the tattoo and asks her straight up about it.  The girl looks back at the friend and says without any hesitation or pause, "Budd!"  She had the feeling that based on our positions in the parking lot that I would have had a view at her ink.  I did get my answer.   She really likes ankh and the concept of eternal life.  She was also impressed that I was able to identify it at the distance and knew what an ankh was. 

I can only look forward to this newfound awkwardness in the elevator rides and random hallway passings of the future.  I can see it now:

Me:  looking away, but unable to keep my eyes from lurking to the spot for a closer look. 
Her:  Pulling down her shirt knowing where my eyes will inevitably fall.
Me:  Finally looking.
Her:  Looking towards me as I am looking.
Me: Looking away, embarrassed.
Her:  "  "  "  "
Uncomfortable silence. . .

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melanaise said...

I just got inked last night...that story heated me up a bit...