Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Filthy Liar

Yeah the email address I had posted on here for the past couple of weeks was a lie. I have never had a GMAIL account for Alternatereality. This is because I could never just take up one plain of existense. My ego is just too big. My real blog email is alternaterealities@gmail.com.

So, if you emailed anything to that poor guy that can only live in one other plain of existence (I mean, come on, how is he posting in this reality if he lives in an alternate one and only in that alternate one), you may want to stop being mad at me for not replying and retry at the plural address.

If that one is not a lie as well!

(oh crap, mine says nothing about living in this reality, just in alternate ones. Aha, this is actually just an alternate reality to the original reality that none of us have access to).

(double crap, If this is an alternate reality and not the real one, my joke at the guy that has been getting my mail's expense falls flat).

Hope your mind is spinning!

1 comment:

melanaise said...

I like it when you say filthy. *grin*