Friday, August 05, 2011

Creep review and casting

Creep is Jennifer Hillier's debut novel.  In full disclosure, I have been following her blog for a while, so I might not be an impartial observer.  On the other hand, I don't generally read thrillers, uless they are Micheal Crichton scifi thrillers (hey Jennifer, you should totally consider this considering we lost Crichton).  So, this book was a little out of my comfort range.

It was good, I mean that is what you want to know, and, it being a thriller, you don't really want anything else spoiled.  I usually read on the train going to and from work.  I get in about 25 pages each way.  Creep is 368 pages, so it should have meant a good 7 days worth of reading.  I ripped through it.  Thursday evening I was at about page 275 and if you are at page 275 of this book you are not likely to put it down for long, so I continued to read through when I got home.  So, yeah, I was into it. 

To change things up a little bit- I thought I would cast some of the characters as they were portrayed in my mind movie.  Hollywood, if you are listening, this would be a money maker, and if you want to use my casting ideas, email me for the address to send the check to. 
Dr. Sheila Tao- Our Chinese American Psyche professor would be played by the delectable and still sexy at almost 50 Ming-Na could play the 39 year old Tao I think.  Just imagine her with that red
Morris- Dr. Tao's ex-football O-lineman is just screeming to be played by Puddy, I mean Patrick Warburton.  He might have to add some pounds for the role but he could do it.  His real life son could even play Morris' estranged son. 
Ethan- the antagonist, psyche student that has an affair with his teacher could be played by Justin Hartley of Smallville fame.  Wow, I didn't realize he was that old, he is my age.  
Abbey- Ethan's girlfriend- Mila Kunis would be pitch perfect
Jerry-the ex beat cop turned private investigator could be played by an aged Orlando Jones.  His wife could be a nice role for Michelle Yeoh. 

Agree or disagree with my casting?  Let me know who you would cast. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Haven't read it, but everyone seems to dig it.

The Golden Eagle said...

I haven't read it yet, either.

Thanks for the review!

Jennifer Hillier said...

These are great casting choices! (Wait, who did you pick for Sheila? I think the sentence got cut off)

Thanks so much for the review, Budd. Glad you enjoyed the book. :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Love Ming Na for Sheila! Most people say Lucy Lu, but Ming Na is a much better fit in my head.

I like all your picks, Budd! I always imagined a young John Goodman for Morris, but other than that, I couldn't really see anybody's faces. Funny how that goes.

Summer Ross said...

I have yet to read this but those I know who have seem to really like it.

Olen said...
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Monti said...

Interesting! I haven't read this, Budd, but love the idea that you are casting for a book!


Admin said...

Something about debut novels... I always like them.