Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is dedicated to my incredibly thrifty wife.  Her money management has allowed us to do a lot with very little. Our Anniversary was on 06/21.  I love you wife.

I do not buy things unless I know for sure that I want them.  I very seldom need to get a refund for anything I have purchased.  If I do get a refund for something, I usually feel embarrassed for some reason.  I don't know why.  I guess I feel silly for bringing something back after saying I wanted it. 

My wife is the refund queen.  Like all women, she changes her mind constantly.  That item she couldn't live without several hours before has now gone out of style.  I am incapable of buying a gift for any occasion that my wife does not want to return.  Usually the excuse is that the item(s) is to expensive and that we can't afford it.  Sometimes she says that I have horrible taste in things for women.  I got her a non-refundable gift card for Christmas one year, and she used it to buy her parents presents.  But, I digress. 

Our anniversary was this week.  We usually don't get gifts for our anniversary as we tend to go out and do something together instead.  I was thoughtful enough to get a card.  In the spirit of the refund, I wrote my message on a piece of notebook paper and put it inside the card.  I wrote in the note that I did this so she could return the card for a refund.  After reading the note and laughing, she put the note in the card and the card back in the envelope.  It looks as though she is keeping the card.

I don't understand women, and I honestly don't think I want to.  I have given up trying, as it makes my head hurt.  


Jody said...

That is funny! Well, I feel as you do when returning items. I feel so embarassed! But as a girl, I think I can level with you about the card. First of all, it's a great anniversary idea because it shows her how well you know her (even if you don't understand her - completely irrelevant). She'll probably keep the card as a keepsake for laughs, so it's worth a lot to her (and if she's a true thrifty girl then all the more so for its cheapness). This gesture of yours probably speaks to her belief that you can achieve greatness through gift-giving and not spend a lot.
Good job!

Melanie said...

your sense of humor is really coming out...I know this was your writing blog, but, man I love your funny stuff..

I feel honored that you contribute to my slutty blog!


charsiew said...

HI!:) haha, yea, USA was a total flop.

Carol said...

My m-i-l is a return queen. No matter what you buy her she returns it. I believe there's a refund gene and either you're born with it or not. My husband has it and so does my youngest son.

Did you ever see the Everybody Loves Raymond episode where Raymond comes home with his mother's bra clinging to his sweater (from being in the dryer) and his wife wraps up the bra and gives it to Marie as a gift. Marie opens it and declares she needs to return it because she would never wear anything like that. that's my m-i-l!!!!

Sorry I'm a bit late. We have had internet and router problems lately.