Friday, November 23, 2007

First Solo Thanksgiving

This year was the first year that we haven't gone anywhere for Thanksgiving.  My wife's knowledge of American food, especially Southern dishes, is limited, so it was all up to me to prepare Thanksgiving dinner.  We made way to much and probably could have had people over and still had left overs.  It was good though.  I surprised myself.  I ate, slept, then ate some more. 

Halloween and thanksgiving-19Halloween and thanksgiving-20Halloween and thanksgiving-21
We had, country ham, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls, corn, green beans, dressing, white beans, hoe cake cornbread, red eye gravy, and pumpkin pie. 

Just so you know, the only way to eat white beans and cornbread is like this:

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Steve Betz said...

That looks like a great country feast. Reminds me of my time in North Carolina. Mmmmm.... country ham and cornbread. Awesome.

grrrace said...

yum! wait. so you guys have ham, not turkey?

Jimsjewel said...

That looks great!! Plus, leftovers!! Yeah!! We don't usually do Thanksgiving, but blow it out for Christmas. =) Eat a slice of pumpkin pie for me. That's my fave.

Budd said...

We usually have both, but I thought that having both would be overkill for a family of four. Ham seemed easier.

grrrace said...

haha! you make a good point.i love leftovers, though. mmm... i'm disappointed that i have no leftover turkey to make turkey pot pies with... hrm... heh.

gamany said...

oh, wow. we should have come to your place for dinner or vice versa.