Monday, November 26, 2007

QotD: My Alma Mater

What's your alma mater?
Submitted by Lies.

Middle Tennessee State University, or MTSU, or Mitsu.  One of the top universities in the country for Aerospace and music.  Their business school isn't too shabby either.  Unfortunately, my degree was in English.  Sure the faculty is one of the most published in the country, but that doesn't make my degree worth anything.  Located in a state that ignores any school that isn't University of Tennessee or Vanderbilt, Mitsu has one of the most handicapped accessible campuses in the Southeast.  Fortunately, I am not handicapped so this feature of the school doesn't do much for me.  There isn't really any famous alum to speak of.  One guy won the 1986 Nobel prize for economics.  Other than that, just some politicians, oh and that girl in the band evanessance or whatever dropped out.    It is the largest undergraduate university in the State of TN.  This means that parking sucks.  If you go there, they have a great exchange program with Korean and Japan.  Women's basketball is the school's best sport.  The ROTC program is one of the top in the country, but I am sure that is just because they teach the test.  The campus is close to Nashville, which means everyone leaves for the weekend, and by everyone I mean 95% of the student body, and no, they do not come back for weekend sporting events. 

The school isn't as bad as I make it sound.  I am just bitter that any school would offer an English degree knowing that they are crippling anyone graduating with that degree that isn't going to graduate school or minoring in Education.


I am also an alumnus of the school of hark knocks. 



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