Monday, November 26, 2007

QotD: Guest vs. Host

For a full sit-down dinner with several guests, would you rather be the one cooking or do you prefer to just show up and eat?

Has there ever been a stupider question.  Anyone that has ever cooked for a group of people knows what a pain in the butt it is.  Of course you would only want to show up and eat.  Even if you like to cook, it doesn't mean that you want to slave away for a large group.  I don't think anyone enjoys cooking that much. 

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Princesskasren said...

Seriously...that question made me snigger....what a load of...I love to eat what I have cooked but I certainly would not turn down someone else doing the slaving for me!

Ross said...

There are two ladies at work that host dinner parties for their friends all the time. For them, they love the cooking experience, and the attention and praise they receive for the meal and their decorations. It's more than just a love for cooking for them, it's the whole Hostess vibe. And for some people, being the Hostess is infinitely more fun than attending someone else's dinner party, especially if the food and ambiance aren't as nice as they would have been at their dinner party.It takes all kinds....I'm just glad there are people in my family that like to do the hosting for big family get-togethers (like my mother-in-law) so I don't have to.

Budd said...

I am a real type B. That is until I host anything. Then everything has to be perfect and I start stressing out and becoming a type A. I literally will worry about how many people will show up, and if someone is late, I worry about if they will come. I look at it like work and I can never enjoy myself to the degree that I would like. It isn't so bad with a small group of close friends for a superbowl party, but I still freak out to some degree.

Design Shark said...

I believe you haven't met my little sister. She seems to love that stuff. Me? I do love to eat. :)