Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Martial Arts Fitness Initiative

Today begins my foray into organizing a workplace event.  I am organizing a lunch hour martial arts class that will meet in one of the confrence rooms in my building.  There is already an exercize class that meets, but I noticed that it drew only female exercisers.  This is despite the fact that the instructor is quite attractive, or maybe it is because of the instructors attractiveness.  Well for whatever reason, that class, in practice, is women only. 

I know a martial arts instructor (well, I know several) that I thought would be able to take on a class on site and maybe get some men involved with fitness in the workplace.  The instructor will come in 3 times a week for an hour and it will cost $50 per student per month. 

Today is the informational meeting where people can come in and talk to the instructor and he can outline his program.  I am hoping that we can get at least 10 people signed on.  Our building has a little over 500 people, so I am hoping I am not over estimating. 

The instructor's website is at, for the sake of full disclosure, I am working with this instructor and some others on creative fighting concepts and some other projects. 

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Steve Betz said...

I would love to have that offered at work. I've enjoyed my limited exposure to martial arts (mostly karate), but haven't gotten back to it.

grrrace said...

awesome! and i think that's cool that they have exercising available during your lunch hour. :) i need something like that to get me off my ass. hehe.

Budd said...

3 and pottytrained are the kids sign up requirements, so you and Mia could do a mother daughter class.

Budd said...

Oddly, the Jedi training sales pitch would likely bring the same people in my building.

Empress Nasi Goreng said...

Wow, $50 a month is a great deal. I hope you get lots of men and women turning up to the class. Could also be good in getting out those pent up workplace frustrations!