Friday, February 27, 2009

Family Math Night

Family Math Night is a school function at my daughter's school where the whole family can come together and have fun doing math.  This is actually very popular at this school.  It doesn't differ much from Family Meth Night at the school across town.  Well, except for the educational value of the event. 

They actually have Elementary Ed. students come over from the university (MTSU) that is located directly across the street.  It is part of one of their classes to make a game out of math and present it at Family Math Night.  I think dropouts and PoliSci people run Family Meth Night.  There were at least 12 game stations for each grade level.  The 2nd grade stuff was too easy for Ashli so we moved on to the 3rd grade where things got challenging.  Ally had fun in the Kindergarten area.

Apparently there is a prerequsite to getting in the Elem. Ed. program at MTSU.  You have to be A) female, B) young, C) very attractive.  It made escorting the girls around to all the booths an enjoyable experience for all. 

I don't think letting these students run the program at Ashli's school is fair though.  They probably walked away from the night thinking kids are smart and like to learn.  If this had been held at a normal school, I don't think turnout would have been as good. 

Family Meth night ran much longer but was eventually broken up by the police. 

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Steve Betz said...

Glad you're still interested in learning your ABCs... :)

Zack said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!! When I was in 7th and 8th grade I participated in the math club and we did stuff like that for all of our families but it wasn't a school wide event or anything.Also when I got to college there was an annual Physics Phun night where there would be some Gallagher type demonstrations of gravity and such. It was a lot of fun too...probably not quit Meth night tho :p