Monday, June 25, 2007

Going Over to the Dark Side

My 6 y/o, as noted in previous posts, is enamoured with Pokemon.  This contagion has carried over to my 2 year old (almost 3).  They love watching pokemon, in the interest of spending time with my daughters and something they love.  I watch the show with them.  It isn't the greatest of cartoons, and I would honestly rather watch something else (Teen Titans anyone?), but it does have its redeeming qualities.  For instance,  it teaches children good sportsmanship.  Of course, that is the only thing I can think of right now. 

The love for the show, naturally, grew into a love for the card game.  I bought her some cards last year and she didn't really catch on to the game.  It involves reading and she didn't yet know how to read or do the math that the game requires.  Now that she is out of kindergarten and can do these things.  It is something she wants to do a lot.

Yesterday, I crossed over to the dark side.  I went to the gaming store and bought a starter deck of Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl so I could play against my daughter.  I figure it is the best way for her to get better and she can have at least one other person around to play the game against.  Last night I bought her some pink dice and a dice bag for use in the play of the game (the game requires a coin, but have any of you asked a 6 year old to flip a coin and not lost an eye lately.  The dice work really well as damage counters). 

I think I may have to buy some booster packs to pump up my deck.

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[atropos] said...

Uh-oh, we've lost you.
Teen Titans! Love that show.

gamany said...

you know you're going to have pokemon card game dreams now, don't you?

Jeepz said...

You have got to give us regular match updates.

mu said...

pika pika -- this is the cutest evar.