Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Movie Reviews

The Prestige- Was good.  Was one of those movies you wouldn't mind seeing twice.  Is it just me or can Christian Bale act.  And does anyone else long to see a movie staring Christian Bale and Kristen Bell just to confuse people.  I regress, the Prestige is highly recommended.

Alien Apocalypse-  This is a scifi channel gem starring Bruce Campbell.  The cheese runeth over.  The acting was horrible, but not to be underdone by the writing.  The special effects were bad and a lot of footage was used over and over.  OMG, SciFi Channel, quit making movies.  This movie can still be entertaining in an MST3K kind of way.

I am a Cyborg, but That is Okay-  This is a Korean movie that is bizarre and strangley moving.  It stars the pop musician Rain (yes, he sings in the movie) and the girl from A Tale of Two Sisters.  The movie takes place in mental hospital and has lots of quirky moments.  *note: this review is from someone who does not speak Korean and watched this movie in Korean without subtitles.  My wife did translate whenever she felt like it.*  If you speak Korean or have a translator or can find an English subtitled copy, watch this movie.

Mr. Robin's Koshigi-  As someone that is poorly versed in the Korean language, I was unfamiliar with the word Koshigi (seduction).  However, I did know the word Kashigi (private part), so imagine the look on my face when my wife told me the title of this movie.  Starring Uhm, Jung-Hwa (that boy is poison-Korean popstar) and Daniel Henney.  This movie is half in Englisha and half in Korean.  My wife kept trying to translate but I had to cut her off.  I knew what they were saying just by context.  It is Korean romantic comedy in the tradition of but not as good as My Sassy Girl.  It was worth a watch though.

The Host or should I cal it Gwa Mul being as I also saw the Korean language version of this.  As it is a creature feature, that didn't matter much.  This movie was very good and had some good gross out moments.  Part two is in production as we speak.  See this movie.


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Steve Betz said...

You know, I kind of liked "The Prestige" too, though I feel like I shouldn't have. The language was WAAAYYY over the top, but still I kind of liked it.
As for the Sci-Fi channel movies, I sometimes like having those on in the background when I'm doing something else, b/c its always fun to look up and see some quality cheese.

grrrace said...

loved prestige. my korean sucks... so i never translate for steve. hehe... i always make sure that he gets versions with subs. hehe...

Budd said...

Steve- I concur, always great to look up and see a horrible CGI monster. My daughter can watch the movies because they don't scare her.
Grace- We rented them at the Korean market. So they were for Korean eyes only.

grrrace said...

oooh... yeah. i can't even go into the korean market video stores ... i wouldn't even know what i was looking for. heh.you ever go shopping on yesasia? if you haven't, you should check it out. great site. you can find just about anything... WITH SUBS! it's awesome. :D