Saturday, June 10, 2006

Old Blog Posts

I usually only post Monday-Friday, but if you find yourself wanting to
read more. you can go over to my old dead blog at
My old Modblog page. I may even have some original posts
on my myspace page My Myspace page (I feel so dirty for having one). Or if you wanna
go really old school you can check out


melanaise said...

I have been to all aspects of Budds World, because Budd's world is facinating. Budd, aside from being a talented writer, is a talented artist. I can dig it.

He has managed to produce two of the most beautiful children I have seen (especially the newborn photos)

Budd must be of a break from the blog. I did the same thing with my distracted post (using Budd's song I might add)

He has incredible taste in music.

Budd is also in the running for a blog award.

Budd is kind enough to do book reviews on my blog (even if my blog embarasses him) though I doubt it.

There is a drawing called 'Vulnerable' that I think is outstanding. Budd should join like me.

In other words, Budd ROCKS. But Budd, honey, you should definately take the obligatory shower for having a myspace, haha....I commented on's mostly kids and it's very confusing on myspace.

My theory is the reason blogger is so hard to use lately is because myspace geeks are hacking it.

Right when blogger went down I got an email from some Anita (fake) to join my space.

I still am going to check out your myspace, Budd!!!!


PS- Budd writes beautiful poetry.

Budd, what don't you do?

Budd said...

Myspace seemed to be a way of finding people that I had lost track of. If you want to know what happened to the person that sat behind you in third period. myspace will tell you.

I have not really drawn in years. I only write poetry when something is eating at me. I can be completely expressive in metephorical ways that only I truly understand and only a few people remotely know what I am getting at.

In class we were always told to write for a specific audience, but my poetry, I do only for me.