Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Closet: Blogisode 3

> The handprint was black and smeared. It looked as though the fingers > traced their way down from about the middle of the door to about > eighteen inches off of the ground, were they pressed into a full hand > print.
> Shirley backed away from the handprint and grabbed the phone off of > the receiver. The little jingle rang through her head, "For urgency > without emergency dial: 862, 8600, 862, 8600 don't dial 911 when the > dangers done, dial 86, 286 oh, oh." She dialed the forever ingrained > number. Shirley explained the situation to the dispatcher and then > again to the officers that showed up on her door. Nothing else in the > house was missing, only the stuff in her closet. The looked at her > like she was crazy but wrote down what she said anyway. That is all > they did. They wrote down the information and told Shirley to call if > she found anything else gone or saw anything suspicious. >
> The paper was laying in the driveway and Shirley went out and grabbed > it. She checked the classifieds for dogs. She found a lady selling a > 3 year old trained German Sheppard. She called and was scheduled to > pick him up that afternoon. She grabbed the phonebook and called a > security company and schedule an alarm instillation for 4pm.
> After lunch, Shirley went and picked up the German Sheppard. The > little old lady was selling it for a hundred bucks and its name was > Sarge. It belonged to her late husband and she didn't feel that she > was able to care for it. It also reminded her of her husband and > would cause the poor lady to cry for hours when the dog would sit by > the door waiting for the husband to come walking in at around five > thirty. Shirley gave the little old lady her money and promised to > take care of Sarge. She felt safer already. >

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