Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Closet - Blogisode 5

Things were normal for several weeks.  Shirley settled into a routine with Sarge in the house.  Although she believed her imagination had run away with her, she was glad that it lead her to buying the beautiful German Sheppard.  She loved taking him for walks in the evening.  This served the purposes of exercise and advertising that she had a big dog protecting her house. 

About a month after the initial incident, Shirley awoke to that same glow slipping through the cracks of her closet door.  It had woke Sarge as well, and his ears were perked.  Shirley swung her feet over the edge of the bed, forgoing the slippers and their treachery.  As she did, Sarge hopped of the bed and started sniffing his way toward the closet.  He made it as far as where the light reflected off of the floor before backing onto his haunches and growling so low and deep that Shirley almost didn't hear it. 

"What's wrong boy," she said as she approached the dog, eyes never leaving the closet door.  It was then that she felt it.  The floor, where the light was hitting it, was warm.  She thought she could hear whispering coming from the closet.  Shirley climbed down on her knees and turned an ear to the door.  Faintly from behind the door, she could hear a voice pleading, "help me!"  This plea reached into Shirley's heart and took control of her body.  It was almost like an out of body experience.  Shirley could see herself get up off the floor and walk to the door, she could feel the warmth of the wood under her feet when she stepped into the light, and she could hear both the plea for help and Sarge's growl.  Shirley didn't want to open the closet door, but her mind just wasn't getting the message through to her body.  Her hand touched the knob.  Warm, just like the floor.  She turned it quickly with purpose and Sarge's growl was a full bark.  As she opened the illuminated door, a small hand reached out and pulled her through. 

The light went out.  Sarge barked for several more minutes, whimpered, and then laid down on the bed.  The house was quiet.


Spitfire said...

I will ask again...I handmade apic for you..please come psot under it.

then I will resume reading.

Carol said...

waiting for more installments