Friday, September 29, 2006

Submissions wanted

A friend of mine is wanting to edit an anthology.  I am asking for submissions.  If this is successful he will use lulu to print the book.  An contribution that is selected will get to buy the book at cost from lulu as well as get an equal percentage of the profits. 

Submissions need to be in a word document and need to be at least 1 thousand words and no more than 10 thousand.

Submissions will need to be fiction and focus on the setting of what Heaven will be like.  Heaven as defined as the place where Christians that are saved go when they die.  You can email your submissions to

Now, go forth and write.


Jody said...

that sounds fun! When is the due date? Can I tell other people about it?

Budd said...

sure tell anyone and everyone. January 1st.

Spitfire said...

um, can the submission be from my 5 year old's perspective. She went into great detail about exactly what it was. She might also be a genius.

Budd said...

sure, that works.