Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pathetic Effort

Took the kids trick or treating last night. I live in a neighborhood with over 1,000 houses, no exaggeration. I got home from Ashli's TKD lesson at about 6pm, put the costumes on the girls, and headed out.

I told Ashli that we weren't going to stay out too long or go to far because of her sister, but I changed my mind quickly. Only three houses on our street had porch lights on. I would say that only one out of every ten houses was giving out candy. A problem with this was that about three out of ten had porch lights on. Ashli was a princess and had heels on and I had to carry Ally. Ashli was getting upset.

We stayed out for a little over an hour and the girls got less than a quarter bag each. There were not many trick or treaters out so the houses usually gave us big handfuls when we did get candy.

I would like to thank everyone that was giving out candy last night. I appreciate your effort of decorating, answering the door, and the cost that you spent on supplies and candy. Even if we didn't knock on your door, there was a kid going through the same frustrating night that appreciates you.

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Starzykat said...

We wanted trick or treaters but we are on a busy road with not much sidewalk... besides by crossing the busy street... and our porch light was out!!! so now we have lots of candies and didnt have any trick or treaters... so we were sad too! Where was everyone?!

Budd said...

I don't know. It had been raining earlier in the day here, but it was warm and dry during the evening hours.

Kirk said...

We didn't get a single trick-or-treater last night and only about a quarter of the houses in our neighborhood had their porch lights on. I fear that Halloween is losing its appeal. Something MUST be done!

Budd said...

We need yard signs next year telling everyone we support the commercial holiday of Halloween. Maybe houses without candy would turn out their porch lights if teenagers were not so lazy.
1st, put on a costume so that you can't be identified. 2nd, put eggs in your bag, 3rd trick or treat, 4th hit the breaker's of the unwritten holloween porch lighting rules houses with those eggs. Wash, rinse, and repeat.
I could go to the mall, but I don't want to get shot inside while my car is being stolen outside. And why should retailers shoulder the cost of giving my kids cavities. That is a community concern.