Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pathetic Effort

Took the kids trick or treating last night.  I live in a neighborhood with over 1,000 houses, no exaggeration.  I got home from Ashli's TKD lesson at about 6pm, put the costumes on the girls, and headed out. 

I told Ashli that we weren't going to stay out too long or go to far because of her sister, but I changed my mind quickly.  Only three houses on our street had porch lights on.  I would say that only one out of every ten houses was giving out candy.  A problem with this was that about three out of ten had porch lights on.  Ashli was a princess and had heels on and I had to carry Ally.   Ashli was getting upset. 

We stayed out for a little over an hour and the girls got less than a quarter bag each.  There were not many trick or treaters out so the houses usually gave us big handfuls when we did get candy.

I would like to thank everyone that was giving out candy last night.  I appreciate your effort of decorating, answering the door, and the cost that you spent on supplies and candy.  Even if we didn't knock on your door, there was a kid going through the same frustrating night that appreciates you.

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Jody said...

In my neighborhood, I was one of the houses with porch lights off. I came home from work and crashed with a sore throat and a headache. I slept through the trick-or-treaters and I'm sure they hate me for it.