Thursday, November 02, 2006

QotD: My Vox Name

How did you pick your Vox name? Does it mean something? 
Submitted by LeendaDLL.  

My Vox name is the name I go by in real life.  Notice, I did not say my real name. 

My first name is William (after my grandfather) and my middle name is Dolan (father).  My parents thought that William was too long and complicated to say.  They were not going to call me Will, Bill, Willy, or Billy.  My dad however was a fan of the TV show Gilligan's Island.  Hew would call me his little buddy just like the skipper called Gilligan.  Little Buddy caught on until it just became Buddy.

I took a lot of flack for this growing up as can be imagined.  I lived through My Little Buddy dolls and that era where generic things were called Buddy.  Pauly Shore was a bright light in my past because of the "Hey Buuuuudddddyyyyy" thing. 

I changed schools my junior year of high school and decided that my name needed to be more grown up.  Like my parents I really didn't care for William, Will, or Bill.  I decided to start going by Budd.  Insert married with children joke here, yes I got plenty of those and being short didn't help.  Budd is versitile because it can be pronounced Bud or Buddy (Bud-D).  A lot of people called me Bud already so it was a logical leap.  I still have family and friends that still call me Buddy.  Thats fine.  That is one of the reasons it is spelled two ways.

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