Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Sushi Mistake

I like to do little things for my wife.  On Saturday when she suggested that we go out to eat, I suggested we go to Midori, a Korean/Japanese resturaunt.  My wife misses her native Korean food and was delighted by the idea.  When we get to the restuarant, I pick up the sushi card and put a one in the tuna nigiri box and hand the sheet to my wife.  She marks one box, erases, marks another, and hands it to the waiter. 


After we place our food orders the waiter brings out a block full of nigiri and maki (California Rolls).  I look at my wife and say I was only supposed to get two pieces, this is not what I ordered.  My wife calls the guy over and says there is a problem.  He states that my nigiri order is on the way.  My wife, who has worked as a server in a Japanese restuarant, asks to see the sushi card.  It turns out, she checked the box in the combination section.  She got her twelve pieces of maki along with twelve pieces of nigiri.  This is $22.  She quickly asks if it is too late to cancel my $3 order of nigiri and it is not. 


My wife ordered an entree for our five year old as well, so when our entrees came out, I had a huge plate of a sweet and sour pork dish, my wife had a plate of bulgogi (beef), and my daughter had some dok soup.  All of these are big servings.  Our table was full.  The people sitting behind us were staring at our table in horror.  My wife settled their fears by stating, "I don't get to eat Korean food that often." 

We did not completely finish a single dish. 

Side question:  On the nigiri plate was a really dark red fish that my wife didn't know.  It didn't have the fish oil taste, and I liked it.  Any suggestion as what it might be?

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grrrace said...

i think there's a restaurant called midori here, too... i guess it's a common restaurant name...can't help you with the dark red fish, though. i hardly ever order sushi and i never order nigiri. i'm lame.